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The choice is yours… Teen Challenge wants you to know that a life-changing journey is just a decision away. If you are ready to be free, we are ready to help. We believe that there is hope for every person trapped in addiction. Drug and alcohol use leads to feelings of guilt and despair, while the pain inside seems to be endless. At Teen Challenge, we offer a message of hope and freedom through a relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not just freedom from drugs or alcohol, but freedom from everything that would keep you from the destiny for which you were created. If you or a loved one needs help overcoming a life-controlling problem, Teen Challenge is here to provide that helping hand.

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From Coping to Conquering.

Teen Challenge helps individuals struggling with addiction & life controlling issues experience true freedom through the Love of God & a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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These courses provide an individualized approach to discipleship training. Teachers work in a group & one-on-one with each student, who in turn works through a series of Bible studies, character qualities, scripture memorization, and much more. All the studies focus on personal application today, helping new Christians discover practical ways of using these Biblical principles in their daily living.
Orientation is designed to give students a general overview of the 12-14 month life of a student in the Teen Challenge facility.
During the first 8 weeks of the Teen Challenge program the student becomes acclimated to life at Teen Challenge of the Firelands which includes: An understanding of who Jesus Christ & what it is to have a personal relationship with him. Also includes: Daily rules, daily life in the Teen Challenge Facility & getting to know the staff.
Lower Growth is a 4 month cycle covering a wide range of topics designed to build on the foundation students received during orientation.
Upper Growth lasts from the 7th-9th month and covers more in depth classes as well as career preparatory classes.
Pre-grad concentrates on life outside of Teen Challenge such as Finance budgeting, nutrition, fostering a mentor relationship, & growth plan.
Emerging leaders is a program designed to help Teen Challenge Graduates become leaders in God’s Kingdom. Students in this program gain valuable management & teaching experience as well as help new Teen Challenge students become acclimated to the program.
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