Our Purpose.

Providing women with an effective and comprehensive, Christian faith-based solution to life-controlling drug and alcohol problems in order to become productive members of society. By applying biblical principles, Adult & Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive. Our goal is to help residents establish a chemical-free lifestyle in connection with issues they identify as life-controlling, and to recognize that these skills and tools are transferable to future problems and challenges they will face.


The Director.

Pastor Mike Leonard
Mike Leonard

We believe that the application of Biblical principles leads to life transformation. Transformation is defined as “a change in composition or structure, to change the outward form or appearance of and to change in character or condition.”

At Adult & Teen Challenge, we often see young women kind of stumble in the door. Most look haggard, disheveled, sickly, emaciated and some appear to be much older than their age. Their outlook is negative, gloomy, defeated, and hopeless. Many new clients have little to no personal belongings- and most have fear in their eyes.

Yet, it is beautiful to watch as Jesus comes into their hearts and changes them from the inside out. Their eyes begin to brighten. Hope replaces despair. Everything, from their appearance to their demeanor, begins to change. We know that real change is happening when they learn to speak the truth to themselves and others consistently and they begin to assume responsibility for their actions. They start dealing with their deep-seated issues, and we see a brand new woman begin to emerge.

Thank you for helping us help women recover their dignity and destiny.

Michael Leonard, Director

Meet The Staff

School History.


Adult & Teen Challenge USA began over 50 years ago as a Christian outreach to teenage gang members in New York. The ministry quickly grew & today there are 225 residential centers in America and over 1000 worldwide.


Adult & Teen Challenge Firelands.

Teen Challenge of the Firelands began as a vision of several local individuals who wanted to reach the addicted population in Huron County Ohio. Learn More.



To introduce people in addiction to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, through discipleship & by applying Biblical principles.


The Curriculum.

TCOTF is a four phase program for women 18 and up who have decided to overcome their addiction to drugs and alcohol. A student must complete each phase in order to successfully complete the program.


Mission and Values.


2000 years ago, a teacher sat among prostitutes, thieves and murderers. Critics questioned why he would waste his time and associate himself with these “types” of people.  But he ignored the skeptics and continued to invest in the lives of those who had no hope. He chose to spend time building relationships and restoring the lives of the most unlikely members of society. Jesus became their source of hope.

The teachings of Jesus are the same philosophies applied to each Adult & Teen Challenge program. Jesus taught love and forgiveness.  Adult & Teen Challenge not only provides a recovery program, it provides a restoration program. When lives are restored through the teachings of Jesus they are changed forever.

Critics question why we spend our time and associate with those who are addicted. We ignore the skeptics and continue to invest in the lives of those who have no hope. At Teen Challenge of the Firelands we spend time building relationships and restoring the lives of the most unlikely members of society so that Jesus can become the source of their hope.

Our History.

Year Founded