I Am A Mirror

Stephanie CiardiUncategorized

I am a mirror.
Most of my life,
I reflected a different image,
Based on who I was facing.

Each time, I stared at the devil,
I cracked.
At first, it was just a slight crack line,
But over time it grew.
The cracks became breaks.
Chunks & pieces started falling out.
When I faced Jesus, I reflected light
And my brokenness would dance in the reflected light.

I kept turning away from Jesus
To face the devil more and more.
One day, there were not enough whole pieces left.
I just shattered.
The broken pieces of me were so small and so many,
I didn’t have any reflection.
There was nothing shiny left in me, I was in total darkness.

But Jesus, full of light, faced me.
His light shone into the darkness,
Reflecting onto the many lost, broken pieces,
The little slivers of me scattered so far into the darkness,
The splinters that no one else could have ever found,
His light found me.
His love for me became the glue that pieced me back together.

Today, I stand secure, facing Him,
A beautiful reflection
A mosaic of His loving touch
I reflect so much light
It pierces the darkness and
I break through it
instead of it breaking me.
-Written by Katie, a TCOTF student (completed August 2017)