Program Summary:
This residential, Christian, faith-based program assists women in discovering their way to healing and freedom from drug and alcohol addictions and other life controlling problems associated with it. In order to meet the unique needs of the students, TCOTF focuses on the women’s spiritual, mental and physical restoration. In addition, residents work on overcoming rebellion and the self-destructive behaviors associated with their substance abuse and developing positive life skills.

TCOTF is a Tobacco Free environment, offering a rigorous12 month residential program designed to help women learn how to live drug-free lives through positive lifestyle changes. Our dedicated staff assist residents in making these changes by providing mentoring, group lessons, individualized lessons, peer mentoring, social and life skills development, education, community service, work experience therapy, and health & fitness.

During their stay, residents do not hold outside jobs, as all of their attention is focused on the program. We challenge the residents to embrace the Christian faith by having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We see that when they do, their lives are transformed and they find true meaning and purpose.

Facilities – Photo of property and/Willard?
Teen Challenge of the Firelands is located in Willard, Oh. The 16,000 square foot home is situated on 3 beautifully landscaped acres, and is a safe haven for women who have lived lives in constant fear, shame, anger and numerous other horrendous conditions. TCOTF provides a welcome, warm environment where the ladies have a safe refuge to seek the Lord.

Philosophy of Ministry
Our specially designed curriculum takes a biblical approach to teaching individuals how to deal with life situations, such as attitudes, temptations, growing through failure, anger management, healthy relationships, responsibility, personal rights, respect for others, love, and self-acceptance. Teachers work one-on-one with the student in the PSNC (Personal Studies for New Christians) classroom. Each student works at their own pace through a series of workbooks, Bible studies, character qualities, and scripture memorization.

Work Experience:
Our work experience program gives the students opportunity to develop a good work ethic. Work experience consists of tasks such as administrative office tasks, cooking, kitchen management, laundry, general janitorial and housekeeping duties, gardening and grounds maintenance, simple maintenance projects, community service projects and other work opportunities.

We have found that work assignments often help surface unhealthy attitudes towards work, authority, God, racism, dishonesty, and disorganization, and often reveals (at least in part) why students may have misused alcohol and/or other substances to cope with their failures. Work experience trains and equips our students to apply first-hand the lessons they are learning in class, and prepares them to live a productive, drug free life upon their completion of the Teen Challenge program. Through the work experience component, students learn specific principles regarding a healthy work ethic such as:
– Punctuality
– Cheerfulness and willingness regarding work
– Submission to authority
– Collaboration with fellow co-workers
– Completing tasks and experiencing the satisfaction of work well done
– Dealing with and overcoming failure
– Taking initiative and seeking greater responsibility
– Desiring greater knowledge and skills within one’s line of work